How can I support The Auricle Collective?

• Follow all the artists in our community with one click on Spotify! This simple action has the potential to directly influence Spotify’s algorithms to bring more listeners to our music, boost new releases, and turn you on to new music!

• Make a donation directly to our PayPal account at: info@auriclecollective.com

  • Donations will go towards: 

    Creating a central online hub 
    for chant and spiritual music
  • Heightening awareness of the experience and benefits of chanting to make the practice more accessible for everyone
  • Supporting independent chant and spiritual artists who are exploring constructive ways to thrive within, instead of being exploited by the corporate digital music worldFunding the labor and shared costs of independent chant and spiritual artists cooperatively working together with experts from the worlds of marketing, publicity, playlisting, and NFT technology to bring the power of chant and spiritual music to a wider audience.

I am an artist and am interested in being a part of the Auricle Collective and would like to learn more about how to participate.

Thanks for your interest in being a part of The Auricle Collective! If you are a chant/spiritual music-based artist with at least 12 tracks released digitally, and are interested in being a part of Auricle, visit our Join page. We will be adding more artists in September. We are especially interested in adding more diverse global artists.