Thanks so much for your interest in being a part of The Auricle Collective!

The current Auricle artist roster is a seed group for this first stage of our development. We’ve always intended to expand and evolve over time to include a diversity of artists and global styles of chant and spiritual music. We’ll be announcing the addition of another┬áround of artists in the latter part of September 2022, after our programmer returns from India and adds the new artists to the Spotify app.

The prerequisites for being a part of Auricle:

  • Artists whose primary focus is on making chant and spiritual music who have at least 12 tracks released digitally
  • An online presence including a website and social media platforms
  • A commitment to follow all of the artists in the Auricle community on Spotify and the other platforms we develop apps for.
  • An understanding that our model is cooperative. In exchange for being a part of The Auricle Collective, you commit to actively promote Auricle’s cooperative initiatives to benefit yourself and the other Auricle artists
  • An understanding that if you don’t participate in following Auricle’s artists and actively promoting Auricle’s initiatives, you will be removed from the Collective.

To apply to be a part of Auricle please fill out this form. You’ll be informed about being included in the next round by mid-September.

Auricle will be launching another initiative to expand the audience for all of our music later this year, and we’re excited to have more artists join us for that effort.