A community of musicians rooted in singing, chanting and music as art and spiritual practice.


1. The part of the ear that collects the sound waves

2. The chamber of the heart that opens to let freshly oxygenated blood flow in

3. A homonym for Oracle, a person or thing serving as an agency of divine communication

The music we make is rooted in spiritual traditions and practices from across the globe and in many different languages.  We represent a web of connection and support for music that is participatory, devotional and has the intention of shifting consciousness.

Here you will find the social media and music streams of all artists in one easily accessible page. This hub is a place to announce new music releases and events to the community, and aid in getting them shared across all platforms.  

We understand that within this community there are many different ideas and pathways to Devotion. It is also our sincere hope that we are creating a platform for healthy and respectful conversation and dialogue about honoring the roots of chant traditions worldwide, innovation and evolution of music and culture, joyful cross pollination amongst artists, and how we might all unite to be a force for change.  We trust that we are all connected by the thread of sacred music as a spiritual path.

Perhaps some of your favorite musicians are here.  Perhaps there are many others here you will discover whose music will uplift and move you!