DTO is an award-winning music producer, designing inspirational music that raises the vibrations of the planet.

DTO is know for his trilogy of albums about energy. Nameless Energy, a yoga soundtrack recognized by Deepak Chopra for the kirtan project “Jai Ram” ft. Tara Devi. Infinite Energy with 7 songs for 7 chakras. Featuring seven global artists singing in Sanskrit, English, Spanish, and Italian. Radiant Energy was the 3rd album by DTO, launched to honor the 5 Koshas.

DTO is passionate about creating unique multi-sensory experiences through music designed to elevate human consciousness and give back to our global communities through his work with non-profits. DTO performs his live yoga music internationally with world-renowned yogis and yoginis.

DTO has a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology and mentors students on how to produce music.

DTO also has a Marketing Agency to support people’s visions with high vibrational support.

DTO lives in Costa Rica with Hemalayaa and offers transformational experiences at Embody Costa Rica: Healing Retreats for the Soul.

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